Overview of Charities

The way the fundraising for the Mongol Rally works is as follows. Each team must raise at least 1000 pounds for charity, we're obviously hoping to raise much more. Out of the money you raise half must go to the chosen charity for the Rally this year which is Mercy Corps Mongolia, and the other half goes to a charity of the teams choosing. We've chosen to support Hope and Hopes for Children as our second charity. Each charity should get at least 500 pounds hopefully more.

Mercy Corps are an international charity who work in a variety of countries to help alleviate many problems ranging from areas struck by natural disasters to conflict zones. This year the Mongol Rally organisers have chosen the Mongolia section of Mercy Corps to give money to. Mercy Corps work in Mongolia to help strengthen the country's economy as a whole as well as more specialised works with rural farmers and traders to make sure that they get a fair price for their goods. At the heart of the charity's work is the belief that the traditional Mongolian way of life should be preserved. The charity also works in small urban areas to give opportunities to the youngsters in the way of sports and other activities.

To read more about Mercy Corps and Mercy Corps Mongolia follow the links below.
www.mercycorps.org - Mercy Corps International
www.mercycorps.org.mn - Mercy Corps Mongolia

Hope and Homes for Children works in many countries across Eastern Europe to get children out of state run institutions and back with their families. In the cases where this is not possible or their parents don't want their children back they put the children into more suitable home with a loving family that can take care of them. It doesn't stop there though, Hope and Homes also work in areas of conflict in Africa and the Middle East to provide homes for children that have lost their parents. Hope and homes also works to help re-house children who've lost their parents to AIDS.

If you want to read more about Hope and Homes for Children and their work click here

There is also this video you can watch that was put together to give an idea of what Hope and Homes for Children do.