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Welcome to RollingAnomaly.com the home of Dominic, Patrick and Vicki and their mad mission to Mongolia on the Mongol Rally. Take a look at our news page to find out all the latest on our preparation. If you're wondering what the rally is all about here are a few facts and figures.

300 Cars taking part
9000 Miles to cover
2 Continents to cross
8 Time zones to take in
20 Countries en route
1000cc / 1 litre engine capacity
4 Weeks to do it in
£300,000+ raised for charites
1 Destination
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Ulaanbatar is where we're headed, it is the capital of Mongolia and is a hell of a long drive from London. Countless mountains, rivers, dead ends, miles of desert, boarder crossings and potholes stand between us and our goal. A definite challenge; The Mongol Rally.

Why are we doing it? If the opportunity to see more countries in a month than some people see in their lives isn't motivation enough then the amount of money we get to raise for charity in the process certainly is. We've already been planning since mid November and theres still a long way to go. We've put this site together so you can find out more about us and track our progress over the comming months and during the rally itself.

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